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16th November 2023

Located on the picturesque Isle of Bute (Scotland), a new deli has opened with the aim of championing local producers and deliver an experience as authentic and enchanting as the island itself. We were asked to help create Gather’s logo which would be used for signage, in-store and online.

By working with the client, we wanted to convey the different types of product on offer. The team created bespoke illustrations which have become an integral part of Gather’s visual identity and keeps the blend of modernity and tradition, perfectly embodying Gather’s ethos.

To ensure brand coherence across all platforms, we developed comprehensive branding guidelines and a folder of assets. This toolkit empowered Gather to maintain its brand integrity, whether in digital media, print, or in-store displays.

If you are ever visiting the Isle of Bute, we would urge you to take a visit!