What is Laserfiche?

Laserfiche is the leading global provider of intelligent document management and business process automation. The Laserfiche platform enables organisations – irrespective of size or sector – in more than 80 countries to transform into digital businesses. Customers in every industry – both public and private sector – use Laserfiche to boost productivity, scale their business and improve customer experience.

COVID-19 has changed working patterns for good.  A hybrid working pattern has shifted more in favour of spending most working hours at home.  This means that for all organisations, remote access to documentation and moving operations online is now a business imperative.  Alongside this is the continuous need to improve productivity and the on-going shift towards a paperless existence.

Laserfiche was created to help organisations process information in an efficient and streamlined manner. But how does it work exactly? As a cloud-based, or self-hosted, document management tool, Laserfiche delivers the right content to the right person through an optimised decision-making process.

What makes Laserfiche unique from the other enterprise content management (ECM) systems on the market? It’s designed to adapt perfectly to the individual needs of an organisation. This means you and your team will be able to configure Laserfiche easily to meet your goals without the assistance of an IT department.

The benefits

Laserfiche has been designed to be easy to use for clients. It offers a reliable, affordable solution that delivers tangible benefits for any organisation.

  • Accelerated business processes
  • No need to store paper documents
  • Remote accessibility of documentation
  • Enhanced flexibility and adaptability as an organisation
  • Consistent and reliable information
  • Improved performance through increased visibility
  • Failsafe security and auditing features
  • Efficient record management
  • Instant search and retrieval of content
  • Document management in one central location
  • Online client portals for document access or process execution
  • Integration with industry-leading Document Signing solutions

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