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29th May 2024

Dattels & Company is a family-owned investment company based in Toronto. The company was established in 1949, and the client wanted this longevity to be emphasised by the new website.

The logo design as well as the fonts and colours used throughout the website are heavily inspired by the styles of the 1940s and 1950s. The website also includes various before-and-after photos of Toronto to bring focus to the number of years that Dattels & Co. has been operating, and the level of experience and knowledge which they have built in that time. This combination of heritage versus modern day is evident throughout the website with the combination of serif and sans-serif fonts, sepia and black and white filters and a “tea stained” appearance throughout the website.

The client wanted the brochure website to be informative and build the company’s online presence, so it was important for it to be user-friendly with easily accessible information. To accomplish this, we gave the site a clean design while still maintaining the vintage feel.

The client also wanted the website to be able to showcase their investment portfolio, which we have done using data and statistics on each company, as well as summary information and displaying their logo in the hope to encourage more companies to approach for investment. As well as delivering the information in a clean and concise manner, the design also emphasises the professional level of service to appeal to potential clientele.